The Hidden Homeless: Exploring the Impact of Housing Inequality on Young Adults

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By Mauriell Amechi In March, Annie E. Casey Foundation released a report highlighting housing inequality, a disturbing yet pervasive issue impacting young people across America. In any given year, an estimated 3.5 million young adults ages 18 to 25 experience some form of homelessness — including sleeping in a car, on a couch (also known as couch…

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Ensuring Aid Access for Foster Care Youth

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By Mauriell Amechi Young people who spent time in the Minnesota foster care system can now pursue their college dreams without fearing student loan debt. Through the 2021 Fostering Higher Education Act, Minnesota lawmakers pledged $3.8 million annually in tuition assistance for college-bound youths and young adults. While this legislation is a significant step forward for…

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States Must Unravel the Disconnect on Transition-Age Services 

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By Mauriell Amechi Every year, around 20,000 young adults in the United States are abruptly plunged into self-reliance as they come of age while in foster care. The consequences of leaving the foster care system without finding a permanent family are profound. Recent research points to the complex challenges faced by these individuals, especially with…

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What Can We Learn from Rhode Island’s New Data about Students Experiencing Foster Care?

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By Mauriell Amechi Academic preparation in high school is one of the strongest predictors of college enrollment and choice. But access to high-quality schooling experiences remains elusive for young people experiencing foster care. Although youth in care typically aspire to attain a college education, it is well-documented that they face severe barriers, including disproportionate exclusionary…

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It’s Time to Stop Ignoring K-12 Students in Foster Care

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By Mauriell Amechi Only a quarter of New York City (NYC) youth who spent time in foster care achieved a high school diploma, according to a recent report by the NYC Center for Innovation through Data Intelligence (CIDI) (see Figure 1). By comparison, students attending NYC high schools achieved an overall completion rate of 77…

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How to Support College Students Aging Out of Foster Care During COVID-19

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By Mauriell Amechi Picture this: A second wave of coronavirus infection hits the U.S., and college leaders decide to shut down campuses. Students have two weeks or less to pack up their belongings and return home midway through the fall semester. The clock is ticking, and students from foster care backgrounds are under especially intense…

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